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A thread titled "where to purchase weapons".

"A weapon is an instrument of offensive or defensive combat: something to fight with: something (as a club, sword, gun, or grenade) used in destroying, defeating, or physically injuring an enemy.

"(The word) weapon applies to anything used or usable in injuring, destroying, or defeating an enemy or opponent.

"A weapon is also an instrument used or designed to be used to injure or kill someone."

I don't think that this is what the OP was implying.
In a juvenile way weapon sound cool but in a grown up world weapons are serious business.
Please try to use your words.
Airsoft the game is where player / hobbyist gather and challenge each others skills, play honestly and enjoy Comradery and modern re-enacting. Its not our intention to kill injure defeat or destroy an enemy.
Welcome to ASC.

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