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Originally Posted by JoeM View Post
Only downside is I work, and also can't get the car at all so Richmond would have too be something like if I am passing by there (which rarely happens). I left a message for White Knight, and if he replies than great but if not I will probably have to go to optix.
Question: if you can't make it to see an age verifier, then how can you make it to attend games, which is generally the purpose of the airsoft rifles?

I note the passive-aggressive title change made for this thread. You may consider these TOYs.. and to a certain degree they are, but that isn't their legal status, and in the wrong hands, they certainly won't be treated as toys by police, until proven otherwise and after the fact. Hence the reason for the over 18/age of responsibility restrictions.

23 days is not all that much time. Getting an age verification done is not a lot of hassle.

Edit: i note one other thread has been title changed to "TOY" .. so it might not be the OP changing the thread title, but an admin playing games with the word filters.

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