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Originally Posted by Dirty Deeds
Originally Posted by SF
Originally Posted by Shugart
If your worried. Before the officer says anything, be very frank and tell him exactly what you have in the car.

The officer would probably appreciate that, rather than discovering it himself.
Are you serious?? Every lawyer will advise the opposite for a reason. You want a confession, do it on Sunday.
Keep your guns in the trunk. Police are not allowed to search your trunk, without your permission or a warrant (they'll never get a warrant). The most they can do is detain you untill a K9 unit shows up to sniff out the car (hopefully you don't smoke pot in your car).

Or they can find some bullshit charge to lay on you.

Therefore don't say shit untill they start a search. Which will start inside the car, then they'll ask, "May I look in the trunk, sir?". This is your cue to say, "Yes sir, however blah blah blah airsoft blah blah blah." Personally I would call it a BB gun.

Volenteer NOTHING.......just my 2 cents.
Actually, you're wrong. The police may search your vehicle without premission or a warrent if there is probably cause, in other words, evidence that something illegal is in your trunk.

This "volenteer nothing" crap will lead to nothing but trouble. If they ask, for example "do you have anything in the trunk?", tell them, BEFORE they ask to or start a search. Taking that stance just makes things worse, as, if you really haven't done anything wrong, why should you be so sealed lips about it?
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