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KAC/KMC - Knights Armament Co./Knights Mfg. Co. - Makers of real steel stuff

"Op" - Operation (used mainly in US, I find that here in Canada we say "Sim" or "Milsim" more)

Bluenoise - Secret invitation only international airsoft tournament held in a different undisclosed location every year with cash purses of $50K USD for each team member for top team (4 players per professional team) and lesser prizes for 2nd and 3rd place teams (I've heard previously total cash purse given out to the top teams was valued at $1M). Only the best are invited to play. You almost must use high powered "melded springs" (can't meld two M100 springs together and expect that to fly, you must meld two M180 springs together). This is because people are shooting up to 1000 FPS using .20g BB's. They also practically fire laserbeam strings of BB's at 60+ BB's per second.(NB: This description is a joke I've thrown into this list.)

FM - Field Marshall, basically like paintball refs or whatever, they make sure people are safe and following the rules and whatnot.
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