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In the classifieds, once your are Aved,

WTS - Want to sell
WTT - Want to trade
WTB - Want to buy
OBO - Or best offer

BANANA - A code word used to indicate to admins to move a sales thread to the sold sub-forums once items are sold. This helps unclutter the sales threads with only active, still available items. That is, when the seller bothers to do it.


PTT - Push to talk. Used in combination with a headset. Better than voice activation, which is a pain in a game for the listeners.

PDW - Personal Defense Weapon - refers to any type of short gun or smg, ie : MP5K, MP7, MP9, P90, etc.

DMR - Designated Marksman Rifle - Could be a SR-25, M14. Bridges the gap between rifleman and sniper

RIS - Rail Integration system - See below

RAS - Rail Adapter System - Picatinny rail

DD - Daniel defense, RS manufacturer

TM - Tokyo Marui, the inventors of most airsoft systems

PTW - Professionnal Training Weapon - Quick FPS change, compatible with RS parts. I will not get into the debate. To each his own

FPS - Feet per second - Velocity of an AEG/GBB/etc.

RoF - Rate of Fire - Amount of BB spitted per second

Chairsofter - What some of us are forced to do during winter (or most of it), what others specialized into. Basically, derogatory term for someone who never goes to a game but has knowledge, and strong opinions, on all things airsoft.

RS - Either Real Steel, denoting real firearms, or Real Sword, a company who makes, according to many, the best AK AEG platform.

Enough for today.

You should come to the meet we are having in Montreal next saturday. About 50 people will be there, many old and newer faces. Best place to get a feel of the local community, and around 5 age verifiers.

Thread with info here :
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