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Originally Posted by ShelledPants View Post
I really don't mind so much if the person is new and only has a mag or two and they are highcaps. We all start somewhere...

But when I see the guy with 10 high caps... it's time to have a talk...

lol wut.
Here here! That's my issue as well. It's the reason I got out of paintball...too many speedball guns in a tactical game with folks carrying out 1200 + rounds and doing the ol spray and pray. If you want to play that way....look for those types of games.

Now, granted, it is sometimes fun to go out and give ' long as that is what everyone has come for. When I walk out with my mid-caps and see that dude with the 10 fully-loaded hi caps...things stop being fun. It is just as easy to "choose" to use your mid caps if you see that everyone else is.
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