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Originally Posted by Armyissue View Post
we did that once already the abbreviation of acronyms looks like this
... -- .. -.- ..- -.. --. ...- --..
That is all.
--- .-.. -.. / ... -.- --- --- .-..

Don't recall hearing hardcap/softcap before...

Not really ackronyms...but terminology

Real Cap = usually refers to a magazine that will only take the relative number of BBs that would be found in a real steel magazine (i.e. typically 20 or 30). May refer to "short-loading" a low/mid cap magazine to real steel capacity

Low Cap = Refers to magazines that typically have a capacity limit of 60-90BBs (depends on make/model of the gun and mag).

Mid Cap = Refers to magazines that have a capacity higher than a low cap...but is not a high cap. Typically somewhere in the 120BB range

High Cap = Refers to manual/automatic winding magazines that feed 200+ BBs from a resevoir

Short-Loading a mag = loading a low/mid cap magazine to it's real steel equivalents capacity (due to the way they operate high caps cannot be effectively short loaded)

FPS Limit/Max FPS = set with each game, may not be used universally between games/fields/hosts. Denotes the Maximum muzzle velocity in Feet Per Secon that your weapons are permitted to shoot a 0.20g BB.
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