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Angry Hi cap mags.... Really?

Hey there, just getting into the sport, I love the realism of airsoft, compared to my x turnement paintball backround. But when I see people using hi caps, it makes me wonder.... You're in full mil sim gear, talk the talk, but you're winding and rattling, as you're moving up the airsoft field, Firing as many rounds down range at you're apponents as possible. This is not milsim, nor realism. just coming into the sport, I can give an outside perspective on ( hi caps) I would feel embarrassed to put on all my Tac gear,radio,camo, then use a hi cap.

More of a rant sorry but I was wondering do others hate hi caps also? Is there sertain games I can go to where I can not run into anyone using these?
Thank you for you're reply's

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