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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
The phalanx systems used by Spartans, Romans, Athenians, and Corinthians were often accredited to him.

I was referring to the system he created, not the first usage of such a system, or a comparable system used by early man. I guess that's like comparing the first two men having a fist fight to the first time to studies of martial arts collided.
If you are referring to the system Philip II of Macedon (Alexander the Great's daddy) created, then please specify that you are talking about the Macedonian phalanx, not just Greek phalanxes in general, since there's a distinct difference in armament (longer pikes called Sarissas and smaller shields in comparison to the more traditional hoplite panoply). Even though Alexander III of Macedon did not invent the Macedonian phalanx, He conquered most of the known world with it.

Spartan, Athenians, Corinthians, and the rest of the Greek city states were utilizing the phalanx hundreds of years before Macedon was even a blip on the map.

Also, the ancient Romans that most people are thinking of did not utilize the Macedonian phalanx or any phalanxes at all in their Legions (outside of hired mercenaries). The Roman legionary system of warfare was considered far more versatile and mobile compared to the Macedonia armies and their heavy infantry was considered the envy of the civilized world (though their cavalry was awful compared to everyone else, and certainly won't hold a candle to Alexander's Companion calvary). This system allowed Rome to eventually conquer the remainder of Alexander's successor states. Though to be fair, the Etruscans, a civilization living in Italy before the Roman hegemony came to be did utilize phalanxes, just not the Macedonian kind.

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