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Yes I reaserched importing the rifle before doing it, not to get into details but what I was importing was a "low muzzle velocity unrestricted firearm" and most airsoft guns don't meet the requirements or have documentation to be considerd as such.

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Importing isn't inherently illegal in itself. If all laws and regulations are followed, then nothing is wrong. If you did it as you said "researched", and everything is properly observed, then there is no issues. If you didn't, then you took a great risk and got very lucky; not to mention set a horrible example to others who may try and fail at what you did. That and possibly give airsoft more bad press at the same time. So here's to hoping you did follow the rules and didn't take a risk for a gun that's available in Canada.

On to your questions. It's unlikely that your gun will settle that much in a short time ...if ever. Find out what your local hard cap is, and aim to come in 20 FPS or so under it. Find a legitimate gun doctor to swap springs for you. For example, if the hard cap is 420 FPS, grab a spring that should land you around 400ish or so. A few FPS won't make a large function difference, but hard caps are absolute. 421 FPS will get you sent home in this case. Remember that FPS changes due to temperature, upgrades, etc; so don't think your smart by trying to be one or FPS under the hard cap. You may be good one day, and not the next.

If you want to run a tracer unit, don't get an extended inner barrel. If your inner barrel runs into your tracer unit, the your BBs won't glow, as they won't be subjected to the light inside of it.
I suppose I should borrow or invest in a cronograph, I know it's not reccomended but I intend on doing all the work myself, I'll have to learn more about springs.
Thanks for the heads up on the tracer unit, I know how they work but the thought of covering the sensors didn't even cross my mind.

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I'm not sure what rule you think was broken, unless someone on these forums pointed you to the site of purchase. In any event, that would not be you breaking any rule. Importing an airsoft gun into Canada doesn't break any rules either.

430 is probably too hot for most fields (415-420), but you should put 500-1000 rounds through the gun and chrony it then. When the spring settles in it will be lower than initial rating.

If you extend your inner barrel (and match your cylinder if needed) you will push your muzzle velocity up, so watch out for that.

I can't comment on your choice of gun because I don't own that brand, but it's well known and been around for a long time, so it seems like a solid choice.
I'll have to rethink my whole inner barrel extension idea because more FPS isn't what I'll be wanting I think.

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