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Originally Posted by MultipleParadox View Post
I disagree; I'm not discrediting Western philosophy on that matter however. For one, I'm sure they're just as good, and I haven't read much, if any, so I wouldn't be able to tell.

I think that everyone with at least the slightest intention of bettering themselves should read. Musashi is certainly well worth discovering.
I agree in principle.. there is in fact only one human martial art, all cultural interpretations of that art are focused on the same body of human knowledge.

After 30 years of Martial Arts Study, a decade of military service and 14 years as the principle instructor of a Western Martial Arts School, I think I have a perspective that is relevant.

When I teach Combative Attributes, be it empty hand, with weapons of the hands or firearms I use a Western approach because it is directly applicable without modification or interpretation. Firearms Combatives is a Western Martial Art, Modern Military Doctrine is a manifestation of Western Consciousness, ideals and culture. All modern Military forces the world over have adopted an approach and structure that can be drawn right back to the Roman Legion.. which was eventually supplanted and assimilated by Western Germanic culture. Which was of course vested with Middle Eastern ethos, through Christianity.
Western Martial Culture is an amalgam of Ancient, Germanic and Middle Eastern that, by this particular combination ( in my opinion) brings it most close to the one true Human Martial Art that makes it tenants and principles foundational to all human combat without interpretation.

Adherents to other arts may disagree based upon their narrow view, and they are free to disagree, no one has a monopoly on knowledge or ignorance. there is enough of both to go around.
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