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I'm not sure what rule you think was broken, unless someone on these forums pointed you to the site of purchase. In any event, that would not be you breaking any rule. Importing an airsoft gun into Canada doesn't break any rules either.

430 is probably too hot for most fields (415-420), but you should put 500-1000 rounds through the gun and chrony it then. When the spring settles in it will be lower than initial rating.

If you extend your inner barrel (and match your cylinder if needed) you will push your muzzle velocity up, so watch out for that.

I can't comment on your choice of gun because I don't own that brand, but it's well known and been around for a long time, so it seems like a solid choice.

Originally Posted by Maxxa View Post
So I broke a rule already by purchasing a gun stateside and shipping it into Canada...(did this after doing reaserch to see how legal it is). Was totally worth it because I got what I wanted after I felt like the Dboys and Javelin offerings that someone was pointing me towards were substandard. I picked up a CA Armalite m15 A4 full length rifle.

Now I find out that it is probably going to be a hot gun unless I mod it. I never inteded it to be a indoor combat rifle (almost 45" long with supressor) and it is my understanding that outdoor fields avg. fps is 350-400 fps. I have also heard people say (lol read what people write) that 30fps is nothing when you are up to 400 fps. Would a 430fps gun be too hot for most outdoor fields and how much can I expect my spring to settle after running a few mags through it?

I also have a mock supressor and intend to use a tracer extension later on would it be a good idea to also extend the inner barrel, how interchangeable are the inner barrels on these CA m15s? Is it something you can do in20 min or is it something that people would avoid infear of damaging other parts?

Also location of purchase aside how did I do with my gun choice? I personally love it but I'm basing that off looks and about 30 rounds.
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