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Opening the Mechbox for the first time...I'm scared!

Hey guys,

lots of you have been very helpful answering my questions of late. Thank you. I have more though...

I have a G&P M4 MRP. Been using it all season (10 000 + rounds through it). I have had no problems, but I know it should be maintained every season and all that. So...

Do you guys have any tips/suggestions/videos that I should be aware of before breaking into the box???

Currently, my M4 has a (apparently) M120 motor, a metal piston and head, metal spring guide (no bearings), a 6.03 Barrel from TO Airsoft, shoots about 415 FPS with .2's and has no mods or maintenance besides this.
-What things would you guys suggest I do to this lil beastie? I was thinking an SHS piston and a Sorbo Pad, a lighter spring (get me under 400FPS).

Thanks for your help.

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