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Just putting it out there that on that list it says that AR stands for "Automatic Rifle". AR is not "Automatic Rifle".... It's ARmalite, as in "AR15".

ARL is Anti Reversal Latch (but apparently I'm one of the few people who use this one?)
AoE - Angle of Engagement (gear teeth against piston)
LCT - Li Cheng Technique business corporation (manufacturers AK's)
SRC - Star Rainbow Company
FtF - Failure to Fire/Feed
BASR - Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
In battery/out of battery - something has/hasn't returned to regular firing position and you cannot fire (ie. slide is back in a pistol, bolt is back in a rifle, only really used for GBB's and GBBR's)
FIBUA - Fighting In Built Up Areas.
CQB/CQC - Close Quarters Battle/Combat
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