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Magazine for VFC SR16 CQB

I've recently jumped into airsoft and actually gotten a gun (the VFC SR16 CQB mentioned in the title)
It came with a high-cap magazine, but I'm looking to get several mid/low cap mags for MilSim play.
I was going to jump the gun and order some Beta Project Pmags because they are 75 round mags but a friend let me borrow one to see if I would like it and it was so loose it could be shaken out of the mag catch :x so I've been looking around.
I've heard King Arms and MAG magazines might work, but I'm hoping for some experience before I drop the money. I guess I don't care if the magazines are plastic or metal, but I'd prefer not to pay 40 dollars a piece if it can be helped.
Thanks for your time.
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