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Originally Posted by jordan7831 View Post
2000 cycles!! Holy crap I have guns that havent been through 1000 yet!


Edit: Time for some math. Lets say you have a hi capa. Hi capa mags hold 30 bbs. So 2000/30 = 66.6 mags. THAT'S A LOT OF SHOOTING!

Yes I know they can hold 31 bbs but I always get that stupid gap when loading mags. Dont tell me it doenst happen to you too!
Propane is better, no doubt, cheap and way more effective then green gas, however the smell of propane also irritates me and causes me to have a headache. i prefer green gas, even though its inferior and more expensive. this is a personal preference, much like the OP. Use Propane, Say goodbye to your warranty.
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