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Hey man, i know a place in Toronto where you can get green gas for 22.13 for 2, i am going to switch to propane at some point, but i am going to use legitimate green gas for the first while, so i can ensure that my o-rings and the internals have the perfect amount of mixed oil when firing my gbb pistol. i haven't heard there is much of a difference, its my personal preference to do the first 2000 cycles by the books with green gas. I know every1 is gonna be like :O u huge noob why would you waste the money on green gas? well its because its the same thing as buddy getting a stock gun that only use NIMH batteries and is only rated for NIMH batteries and then sticking a lipo in it because it will perform better. the major reason is to do things by the books for the first while, and ensure there is a good amount of mixed oil keeping the O-rings seated for the first 1000 or 2000 rounds. after that point i would feel inclined to use propane and occasionally use green gas every couple thousand cycles to ensure things were legit.
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