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Originally Posted by чума View Post
Okay the gun seems to cycle when a BB is placed into the Hop Up, Good sign?.... the mag will sorta feed if pulled towards myself.... I'm starting to wounder if the problem is in the Hop Up.... any idea?
I did the same manual-feeding test. Turn gun upside down, drop in BB into hopup unit, dry fire once, turn gun over, aim, fire again. Check if you're firing reasonably fast down range (if you don't have a chrono).

Try removing the RIS. Flip the gun upside down and you'll see a single hex screw at the point where the RIS meets your receiver. Slide the whole RIS off along with the outer barrel. Now try putting in a mag and firing normally. See if this helps.

Also, what brand of AK mag are you using? I have found the CYMA thermold midcaps work well in this gun.
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