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New to ASC

Hello, new to Airsoft but have always played military style fps games on PC so I decided to buy a gun and see where it takes me and I will do everything possible to ensure that won't be in the back of a police car or an ambulance.

Serious jokes aside I wanted my first gun to be a rifle of quality, electric, suitable for the outdoors and BIG! I searched and searched almost settled on something that wasn't really what I was looking for when I finally found it on a US site that has "canadian permitted" AS guns for cross border passage.
I picked up a Classic Army M15 A4 Armalite full length rifle "Spartan Version".

I tested it out before having it ripped away for a month and it's everything I wanted, now I just need some people willing to stand on the business end of it sometime near the Belleville area. PM me if you are looking for mature players in that area. Cheers!
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