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I've got a bridge in Brooklyn that I can trade you for it.

But seriously, maybe like $425-450, it is used and painted so that personally brings down the value for me. The paint and wear job on the crane stock actually looks decent but the paint job on the body is kind of meh. TM internals are nice and got decent upgrades in it. Plus inclusion of optics, accessories, and some mags is good too.

egads really? Even with a paintjob, I think 400 would be almost asking for an intro offer from serious buyers at 300 and you'd end up at 350 but that's me being generous. For 450 that's NEW gun price for a new G&P or VFC. m4 mags are cheap. For that kind of price difference, what's the incentive? TM label is not enough to entice anyone who knows the market well. Even at 300 a KA m4 would have me thinking really hard. 100$ more and you'd have essentially this is, but all new.

What's really TM left about it? the hopup and outer barrel? Everything else is KA and G&P.
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