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The "ban mentality" is a direct byproduct of a society that feels criminals aren't responsible for criminal acts. Things don't need to be banned; people who misuse them criminally should be punished sufficiently to create a deterrent for others.

Believing that criminality can be stopped by imposing further laws is a form of mental illness, belief that people cannot exercise good judgement without the State's regulation of pointy objects, and that it these items were not available, they would be generally good citizens. This stems from a belief that people are all inherently good, and are victims of circumstance themselves before perpetrators of crimes.

Stupid people will continue to do stupid things no matter what rules you try to put in place. It's not like shooting someone in the face with an airgun being illegal in the first place stopped the offense...just like wannabe gansgters will still acquire guns for illicit purposes despite the lack of a license.

While real guns are a real problem...why are we wasting time on replicas?
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what if it model after his?
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