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Why I want Green gas,

Simple to answer. I tried it and it smell nothing when shooting indoor.

I have the Propane adaptor with silicone port, work just fine, but propane smell all over the place and give me headache after two mag shoot.

With greengas, no headache, no smell.

Some will say that Propane odor is a warning to protect you, I agree, but I never shoot more than 10-15 mag per shooting cession indoor (small pistol mag), after I get the garage wide open for ventilation, both with propane and greengas.

But Greengas is Fu*** expensive! the bottle I bought from AirsoftQc was close to 28$ with taxes!!!! and seams to be less powerfull than propane. but smell nothing to me. But I prefer to pay more with less power and got no headache after...

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