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tm m4 or javelin ak74 ebb who best

i need some advise because i want to buy a new gun and some dude wtt me tm m4 ris for a javelin ak74 ebb and i want to know what poeple think of this gun and if the trade is good or not . the following is me specs of my gun :This rifle started at a stock TM M4. It is now upgraded and consistently fire around 400FPS with .20g bbs. The outer barrel used to be standard M4 length and was later shortened to CQB length by shortening the center section of the 3 piece TM outer barrel and then re-positioning front sight on the 1st section. Everything is rock solid.

The following upgrades have been done to it:

-G&P Crane stock with 9.6 2300 mah battery;
-G&P NSW metal body (with compatible G&P metal hop-up)(earlier gen of G&P metal body, that would not allow the cocking handle to pop the ejection port cover opened like TM or later G&P bodies. The mock bolt carrier is sandwiched between the mechbox and the body, slide it backwards to expose the hop-up);
-King arms reinforced mech box;
-Metal bushings;
-Reinforced gear;
-Stronger spring (I forget which one, but FPS is at 360-378 with .20g +/-FPS5);
-Upgraded piston (I forget the brand);
-The chamber block on the 3 piece TM outer barrel was reinforced by adding lateral screws to get rid of any wobble (work done by Vondnick);
-Real steel ejection port covers (left opened for looks);
-Madbull tight bore inner barrel.

so guys what is your opinion for trade do it or not ?

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