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By hybrid I'm going to assume you mean the black JG AK that is covered in picatinny rails.

I also have this exact JG AK and found the same problems, but worse. Mine had terrible or non-existent feeding, terrible compatibility with aftermarket gearboxes, is overly-sensitivite to changes in nozzles, etc. When I tried to fix the feeding problem, my compression went to 100fps. When I fixed the compression, it wouldn't feed.

It's all fixable.

What I found completely cured the problem for me was to shave the part of the outer barrel that enters the receiver down by a couple mm. Sounds crazy but it works.

This came about when I noticed that the gun fired absolutely fine when I had the entire front RIS and outer barrel taken off. You should test your AK by taking out the RIS, the outer barrel, and the front block that slides into the receiver. There are four screws under your receiver that come out and let you slide that block out. Fire your gun with just your inner barrel sticking out of the receiver. See if that works.

Then put the RIS back on slowly and before screwing it down see if slightly pushing it away from yourself during fire helps the feeding/compression. If it does, you should use my outer barrel fix above.

I think JG design is slightly off spec. Once fixed it runs fine though.
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