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Originally Posted by R.A.T.M._JLD
I remeber one time I was heading back form work and got pulled over. The cop was talking to me and he sow the I had a unopen 6 pak and he was just chacking if it was not open then I guess when I was unloading my gear on of my pistols fell out and that was freacky cuz he drow his pistol and call for back up. He pulled me out and handcoft me and put me in the back of the cop car. I was telling him it was airsoft but he said he would chack it out after back up came. He said the only reason he let me go (with out my TM DESERT EAGLE ) is cuz I had a trigger lock on it.
It wasnt in a lockable bag/case/ect why? Not flaming you, but just curious.
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