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KJW PT92 vs M9

This is probably going to be a stupid question (thus the noob tank), but is there a difference between a KJW PT92 and KJW's M9(2F) equivalents, and is a KJW "PT92" actually a PT92?

I know on a real Taurus PT92 (at least, from the light reading I've done) is basically just the M9 with the safety moved down to just above the grip, but the KJW PT92s don't have that. The only difference I see between a PT92 and KJW's other M9s is that it says "TAURUS" on the slide.

I've seen a picture from another manufacturer (KSC, I think) that has a PT92 with the safety in the correct position.

So I'm just wondering why KJW markets the PT92, with the safety in the same place as an M9. Is there a PT92 variant where the safety is back where Beretta had them, or something?

This is just something I've been curious about for a while.
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