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TTAC3 is in my opinion about the minimum space for "games" we have about 4000 square feet.. the only reason we can do it is bacuse we can change the setup every time .. otherwise playing the same game in a small room would get very old very fast.

our setup is TIGHT.. 1 foot engagements happen all the time.. and due to how tight it is we limit FPS to 350 and do not permit automatic fire.

We've been going strong since 2005 with this space.. but I keep it small, and limit players to 16 people.

We start with a wide open room and can set up pretty much any configuration we like using 4x8 panels held together in 3 panel units by zipties. we build rooms.. hallways, we have done mockups of aircraft, and subway trains, banks, dance clubs, courtyards, shanty towns.. whatever we want. People never know what they are going to face when they come at any given night.

Any space needs to be able to reconfigure the layout regularly or it gets old fast. Once you figure out the choke points and long lines regulars can dominate every game pretty much.. and it gets boring for the regulars and not much fun getting chopped up at the same spots every time for the new players.

CQB paintball has an excellent play space.. but once you have been there half a dozen times .. you've been there and done that.. this is the problem with fixed set ups.

If I had double the space .. and dedicated use then I would do a combination of fixed and reconfigurable elements. Second story sections add a lot to the perceived complexity and appeal of the space.. but it adds extra danger of injury as well.
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