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After re-installing everything inside the gearbox, i plugged my battery and motor, i pulled the trigger and the motor did it's thing. I assembled my aeg, when I pulled the trigger, motor spinned, gears turned, spring cocked back, half gear released piston, trigger contacts popped out. Rinse and repeat, so I'll start at plugged the battery and motor, shoved it into the gearbox, pulled the trigger... Selected full auto, pulled the trigger, everything was working as it should. I re-assemble my aeg, pull the trigger on semi... Back at the start. The only thing that I can see possible is the trigger contact keeps popping out, maybe due to wear and tear. But I also think it might be the part that's harnessing the trigger contact, because even when I'm re-installing everything in the gearbox, the trigger itself pops out. The trigger contact slides back where I need to use a small screw driver to place back into position, install the trigger, and then have to hold everything down until I install the gearbox cover. The thing I don't understand is why does it only pop out when I fully re-assemble the aeg??? Do you guys think a new tappet plate would fix this issue?
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