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If you're just starting out and have/know nothing, are totally lost as to what this/that/other means...the biggest upside to physically going to a game is that you'll get to see what it's about, how guys sort themselves out and maybe get to try stuff out before you sink any money into it.

For local through the Ontario Games and Events section for dates/times/locations.

Contact the host (either PM or post in the thread) and ask him if it's alright. They may be able to (or know others who can) sort you out with eyepro and maybe guns/gear for the day so you can try it out. If you post up in a game thread that you are just starting out and are looking for loaner stuff, you might get someone to chime in that they have spare stuff that they'll loan/rent you.

Otherwise...there's places like Ultimate Airsoft and TTAC in Toronto. They have regular events at set times...and have rental stuff there. They may require you to get your own goggles (any paintball rated goggles are fine)...they may be able to rent them to you.

There's also "Noob" days posted now and then...where the focus is getting new guys oriented with the game. What's needed, what's not, etc...
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