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Also test and check your mags one week before your game. This insures you have enough time to re-seal them if any leaks have occured. (you should have kept them full of gas anyway, this just makes sure the gas is still there and no leaks.) Also get the AI (airsoft innovations) propane adaptor kit. Add 2 drops of the included silicon oil to your propane tank (found at crappy tire, its the camping ones) and screw on the adaptor. This will cut costs dramatically because you won't have to pay for 'Green Gas' which is propane with silicon oil premixed it.
Thank you guys for all the help and info. This post actually leads me into my next question for this specific thread;

What is the difference between Green Gas VS Propane VS CO2? If I buy a "green gas" mag can I put propane or CO2 into it anyway or is it specific to green gas. As stated above I see that green gas is just propane mixed with oil. But what other differences are there between the three?
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