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Thanks for those quotes. So your saying that no matter what mags I buy they will leak eventually? Thats too bad. Is it because of leaky seals? I do not fully understand why manufacturers cant build a sturdy leak proof mag. I understand they go through a lot when in play but there should be some good options out there.

Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
most GBBR mags are realcap ( 30 rounds) and cost $40-$60 each

so you need to expect to pay $250 to $400 for magazines alone,

due to the fact that all GBBR magazines are prone to leak.. some sooner some later.. you likley to need replacements during a typical season

so you need to budget $300 to $500 for mags

is this within your "poor" budget .. if not then you should re think the whole GBBR plan

you need about $1000 to invest in the weapon system..

I'm a full on WETARD I have 14 GBBRs but zI still don't recommend an GBBR as a players first gun
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