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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
As a new player, I HIGHLY recommend you start with a quality AEG. GBBRs are cool, but they're "finicky", and as Brian has said they're not cheap to kit out. You can do a full, decent AEG kit for $500-$600 right now; for a GBBR you're looking at around $1,000.

A good reliable AEG is still the better choice for BS-free skirmishing.
Also, for any new player insisting on getting a GBBR as a first rifle, research the brand/model you are interested in well before considering buying it. Be cautious if buying one used as GBBR's are definitely "finicky" regardless of the upgrades the previous owner threw at it.

Example, a buddy and I had virtually the same WE PDW with similar upgrades and parts. His double fed (and chopped I believe) all the time, mine just spits away the bolt release pin whenever I track down a new one because I forget to crazy glue the damn thing in place. lol
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