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When I first started I checked out the Gallery and Gear picture threads. See what other people are wearing; decide what you like or don't like. Also, decide how you want to wear it. Lots of folk go for a certain look/style. Currently I'm going for functional (as a newb myself) as I have no idea what kind of style I like or want yet.

I have these on a $40 condor chest rig. I removed the stitching on the middle inserts. Can fit either stacked side by side, or loose front to back. For running around and having fun this is all you really need. (a dump pouch will help since the velcro tabs are quite large on the pouches and can get in the way.)

evike is one of those sites you need to buddy up on shipping charges, and to be honest, sometimes it's worth to pay a little more for the chances that they are usually stocked on everything. plus they do have some pretty sweet sales, and discount codes on shipping/purchases. To each his own. At the very least it's a good resource to see what's available.
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