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I'm quite surprised... CBSA CAN report anyone store or individual to the US authorities for fraud if thy declare their goods improperly.

I've had retailers refusing to declare print magazines as books or model kits as toys because they were so afraid of getting reported for misrepresenting things on export documents. Another one that's generally abused is the gift option, people think that will get them out of fees, it's not guaranteed.

There are plenty of canadian retailers that can be found if someone refuses to get AVed... and information regarding importing your guns is easily available if you're not lazy. I mean did evike, asgi and airsoftmegastore all sign up here to get aved in order to learn how to ship to canada? It definitely can help to be aved, but a resourceful, intelligent person can find out everything they need.

And then a resourceful intelligent person could also see that for the most part, it's generally not worth the cost after shipping and duty and taxes with the lingering risk that customs seizure is STILL at the discretion of the CBSA officials reviewing your paperwork. Most common guns these days can be had for 20-50$ more than the landed on your doorstep price of an import. So pay 50$ more or roll the dice to see if you lose 400 in a seizure?

It's not my money. :P
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