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Originally Posted by DietCoke= View Post
See that is the problem with the responses from everyone on the site. I know I've asked questions and be told to read the faq only to find that the relevant post is from 2003. How can I trust that it's been updated etc? There are no indicators of when it was last updated and even if there is one, unless it is recent I'm still not sure. In fact, this faq appears to have last been updated in 2004. After further research I found it contradicted current laws. Perhaps most unfortunately, once I see that a text is partially wrong I begin to doubt its entire validity. So please ASC community members, if you're going to point newcomers somewhere make sure it's in the right direction.
Truth be told, it's only been in the last 12 months that things have really changed as far as an individual is concerned, so it's actually not that out of date.

Unfortunetly it's against the rules of this site to inform a non-AV member how to procure guns, other than say to get AV'd (threads in the FAQ ) and look at local retailers and/or the ASC classifieds.

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