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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
What really concerns me.. is the fact that local governments seem to feel empowered to wipe away a person's livelyhood with the stroke of a pen and a show of hands.

There are people in this community that derive some and in cases all of their income from the sale of airsoft guns.

and if they happened to be conducting business in Markham.. their business is now Illegal.

I guess this is why so many firearm busineses are located in Alberta..
Welcome to the liberal nanny state...from here its just a hop skip and jump to them telling you what you can eat, what your allowed to believe in, where you can live who you can marry how many children you can have and when you're going to die, because they're smarter than you band know better than the dirty masses....not to mention all the lefty revisionist history "Stalin?? he never killed anybody..but those climate change deniers are killing off millions!!!"
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