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Unless Hero in Oshawa is under new management I wouldn't go there either. It's one of the only retailers for anything I've ever been in where the sales staff blatantly lied to my face.

A vest off ehobby will be cheap. I can't stress enough the importance of not buying a cheap vest. Cheap vest rip, break, are uncomfortable, and generally just of such poor quality they're not worth the money -not when you could have doubled your budget and gotten a ten-times better product.

If you haven't budgeted around $600-$800 for your kit (including gun), or $400-ish not including the gun, you're probably looking too cheap for new stuff and should start looking in the ASC classifieds and get in touch with local players to see if they have something they can sell you.

$400 will get you boots, vest, eye protection, and a good charger, if you shop smart.

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