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[QUOTE=Hortons Heros]

BCK I'm not sure that you read where I live. We HAVE bear issues. There are sightings all the time and we all carry whistles so we can signal a sighting/end of a game. You always put someone on your squad who runs slower though so you can get away...sick but true. Thought about carrying bear spray but it might/would most definatly get used on eachother during games. That would add a crazy element. [QUOTE]

bear spray does shit some times it can them more pissed off then they already are. so i make really really loud sounds. i have not been to a game and see a bear but when i go hiking i carry a air horn :mrgreen:. or carry my cooking stuff on my back and let them hit each other. but when worst comes to worst i would kick some in the knee and run like a bat out of hell.
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