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Could you elaborate on how? I'll take your advice but I would like to increase my knowledge repository in the process. Would ehobbyasia be a viable alternative?

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I've considered a dump pouch, but I have a really slender frame and don't have much available real-estate to put pouches.

That one is actually an ARES SL8, purpose built. I have a STAR SL9 conversion kit kicking around I used to have on my CA G36. It's involved to do the conversion, I wouldn't try it if you don't know your way around the G36. It's not hard per se but quite possible to miss something important. I'm probably going to put it on a G36C eventually.

(STAR conversion kit on my Classic Army G36 with M4 magwell conversion. Never did get it to feed properly)

Also, DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM EVIKE if you're in Canada. Ever. They screw international customers HARD.
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