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Long time G36 user here.

My vest is a Tactical Tailor two-piece MAV with X-harness, ordered from Dave's Surplus in BC.

My pouches are double M16 mag pouches, also from Tactical Tailor via Dave's Surplus. I carry six 50-round G36 mags on me (one per pouch) for a total of 300 rounds.

I have ZERO issue getting the mags in and out of the double mag pouches. Zero snagging and the pouches maintain their shape (if you store the mags in them) well enough to easily get an empty mag back in. Going to those pouches cut my reload time by more than half.

Now, about mags...

I have yet to use a G36 midcap that didn't suck donky dick. The MAG ones are terrible if you load them up with more than 60-70 rounds and the tabs break really easily. You so much as sneeze on them and they jizz out their load of BB's.

The KA ones are really good quality, but don't actually FIT into any of my G36's (of which I have 3, by 3 different manufactures).

The most flawlwss G36 mags I found (for functionality) are Classic Army 50-round ones. Never had a misfeed with any of them in over 5 years of use.

Second best would be the King Arms 50-round mags (ones with the fake bullets). They fit very tight but are very good quality. They're the only G36 mags I have that still have all their tabs.

Third is the DBoys 50-rounders. They're cheap ($17), look decent, and I haven't had any issue with them yet. They do feel cheaper though and probably won't last as long as the KA and CA mags.

About using your mags clamped together: I've found the drawbacks outweigh the benefits. It looks cool, but you're basically gaining on very quick mag swap and one much longer one (when you have to swap the clamped mags out). When I ran clamped mags I always taped them together. The tabs aren't reliable. Two clamped midcaps is 2/3 of my total ammo capacity, so depending on your loadout and how you play, YMMV.

I've tried two different magwell adapters on 3 different guns and with 3 different brands of M16 mags, and none of them fed reliably enough for gaming.

That, and you can't say the fake bullet mags don't look totally bitchn'


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