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Silent Fox, I'm a friendly lol, check out these pics. Were you thinking something like this? I just recently got a knife, not because I'm dying to get a knife kill though. I'm all for realism as well, like gas grenades, lights, lasers, real caps, mid caps, tactics ect ... and knives, and i personally wouldn't mind how you were to use it, but as you can tell, there are a lot of different people who play airsoft, many different personalities, some take stuff very seriously, hell, there was one guy who said his reaction would be to pull out possibly a real knife and stab you with it, WTF? Then there are others who are more easygoing , but never the less, be considerate to ALL the players around you and keep in mind that you could offend someone with those actions, and how one may respond to certain things. It's good to keep that in mind, not just in airsoft, but anywhere in life.

Now for the setup, were you thinking something similar? I personally wouldn't use it how it is currently setup there, just displaying it for the picture. I would never use a light on my helmet or anywhere that i couldn't quickly shut off. Why, because people will shoot at that light, especially in the dark and BB's will mainly be directed towards your face. I recommend a light attached to your rail system that you can quickly turn on and off by having a switch close to your hand or a pressure pad attached to it is also great.

When you get age verified people will be able to tell you where to buy stuff and from what retailers. As you can see, I also need to get age verified. :P

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