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got my vest from the Park, had to do a minor mod to make it more durable but it holds 6 single G36 mags w/ tabs intact very tightly and 5 decently, the Tacos are pretty good for single g36 mags too if you buy just a molle vest...or do what i did...4 mags in the m4 pouches, 2 in tacos on molle front
natively can hold 12x M4 mags in its 6x double mag pouches
also comes with slot to put hydration pack in the back

My other config is to run 2 mags on 2x tacos on my belt, currently have 6 mags but gonna move that up to 8 next season(running GBBR w/ real caps....6 mid caps is a lot of rounds already)
Also run a dump pouch on my belt and use them only when having to reload under fire, if not I just put it back in my vent as I like to leave one pouch empty to drop an empty in

Double stacking g36 mags will be hard to find a pouch for them, I'm actually thinking of removing all my tabs to make the mags easier to insert and remove. What brand are you running? Any G36 AEG mid caps should be fine anyways and many in country retailers sell them already.
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