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I have already googled that extensively R.I.T.Z. Unfortunately the fact that I do not know exactly what I'm looking in terms of vests and pouches renders the evaluation of the data given to me by google more difficult.
Molle vests come in a variety of shapes sizes and styles, you just have to pick one that you find interesting.

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Styrak thank you very much, I'm afraid I've already made a cart at ehobbyasia which totalled with shipping to about 360$. I was asking more to see if there were somewhere within canada that I could support which could provide me with the benefits ehobbyasia does.
Unfortunatly we can only help you so far as the majority of websites we know sell Airsoft guns as well as gear.
You're best bet would be to get age verified and go into the "age restricted" portion of the forum as there are a few websites in there.
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