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Having trouble decided on appropriate starting gear for a g36 user.

Greetings reader! Excuse the mistake in the title please. I have recently acquired an AEG g36 and I'm in need of your undoubtedly sage advice. You see, I need 5 more magazines and somewhere to keep them on my body as well as a place to discard them.
In a perfect world I would use my 5 newly acquired magazines in combination with the one I already own and create from this collection of 6, 3 double stacked magazines which I could then store individually in pouches. which I could then store on a vest.
So what I'm asking for is :
1. What magazines should I buy ( I'm looking for mid caps )
2. What pouches should I buy to hold double stacked g36 mags?
3. What vest should I buy to hold these pouches
4. Where can one find all 3 of these elements from one seller? This is perhaps the thing I am having the greatest difficulty with, finding a seller for all 3.

Edit : Added #4
I am on a relatively low budget ( ~100 dollars ) but I'm ok with buying these things in pieces.

Thank you in advance for any advice

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