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I don't think I've never bought back the exact one I've sold...but I've definitely bought the same model over (and over) again and absolutely regret selling some.

Regret Selling
- AKS74U

Most Popular Buy Agains...or doubles/triples that I've had at the same time
- AK's
- 226's
- HiCapa's (had over 8 at one point)
- M4's...don't want to think of how many individual ones I've had...or how many I've had at one time
- PTW's
- 249's...went through a bad spot of buying one for a game and then selling it afterwards
- MP5's
- G36's
- VSR10's/clones

Regret never buying (favourite ones I've shot/used/worked on/checked out but never mine)
- KSC HK33(E?)...the pre-cocking one
- KA Thompson
- WE M14
- ARES WA2000

Regret buying
- Hurricane Shrike...what a money pit
- all VSR10 clones...every one a POS

Now...All I've got are:
- PTW (had the longest so far)
- WE M4 GBBR (new)
- WE CQBR (so old...needs to be stripped down and retired)
- G&P Stoner
- KA Galil (about to sell)
- TM G17

Next on the hit list....
- Another PTW or clone to mess around with
- build a SPR/MK12 setup with either a *TW base or a GBBR base
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