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I think every model I ever had, I bought or am in the process of buying again...

As some said, usually it's simply because cash it too tight to keep playing more than being tired with the gun...

Then again I am about to buy a PSG-1... that will be the second one... and I got tired of the first one... Hell it might even be the same!

Also bought back one of my guns without knowing... then finding some unique mod I did back then and getting all nostalgic...

So far:

TM AUG (bought an other later and sold)
TM Hicapa (just bought a new one)
TM P90 (had 2, 3 times. bought back my original a few years after. Sold them all.)
TM PSG-1 (traded for a TM AK-47... fielded it once and sold... and buying an other, maybe same, next week)
Star G36 (bought an ARES later, and a SRC, a KWA and a CA in between)
Maruzen APS-2 T96 (bought and sold at least 4 clones after, with one still here and for sale)
TM VSR-10 G-Spec (bought 2 clones, sold them and bought a PDI/Fortess M40 and sold it... and bought an other full PDI and sold it)
ICS M4/M16 (bought lots, including a clearsoft and a spare receiver. Also got a KA HK416 and M16)
CYMA M14 Socom (bought one brand new, traded sometime ago and bought an other brand new this summer as backup)

I think the gun I had for longest is my WE SCAR... close to a year now!
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