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Originally Posted by Silent Fox View Post
Yeah, like I said I've only played casual, its not like I've already geared up and have a lot of experience, but when it comes to combat terms, and methods, I know what I'm doing there. As for what's regulation, I have no idea, and a strobe for the helmet isn't always going to be on during gameplay, but one for the guns is probably better, less area for head to be visible.

Rethinking the knife idea, seems a lot of people are against it, so that's that.

Im not exactly sure what "regulation" attachments, and stuff are, (like lasers being mentioned) I was kind of hoping you guys could fill in the slots on that too.
Knives are okay. But you need to just tap someone with it. As for lights. Keep them on the guns and off your helmet. If you want to be a lighthouse then okay. Your just gonna get shot in the head a lot. As for lasers. If you are going to run any i would recommend a IR laser PEQ if you have the cash if not then don't run a laser because most if not all fields do not allow visible red or green lasers.

To start out for gear i would recommend a light assault vest a dump pouch and a grouping of four mag holders. as well if you are going to run a knife somewhere to sheath it. For helmets i would recommend a fast helmet with rail attachment poins to mount your light as well as a camera if you ever get that serious.
For main arm attachments I would recommend a 110lumen flashlight with pressure switch as well as your choice of aimpoint/eotech sighting system. Would also recommend front and rear flip sights. A good sling is also very good.
Mesh face guard with ansi rated goggles and your kitted and ready to play.
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