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Originally Posted by wun2free View Post
Thank you for ur reply. I'm still very adamant in trying to make this work. I have a section to host this, so space is not a problem. Let me know other hoops that I may have to run through if possible. I'm sure this works because pne host the crossbow and led gun games. Thanks for ur time!
If you want to truly learn how to do this, listen to redneck!

Originally Posted by redneck12 View Post
Talk to your local By-Law office they can help you with the local laws.
Ignorance is not a defense in court. Depending on your local by-laws, you could be required to have a permit or license to operate such a stall. If you don't have the required documentation, you could be shut down and fined/ticketed or charged more severely where you would have to go to court.
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