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So N00Bly, I've gotta ask.

Gentlemen, I have a few inquiries about where to buy guns, as I'm in PEI, and it makes it a little difficult. We only have a couple fields where you can play airsoft, so there are a lot of casual playing spots, and a small collective of information to pull from.

So, I know what I'm looking for for the most part, now the only matter to deal with is: Where to find such items, and how much should they run me, as well, give some recommendations if you wish


Sniper: Semi-Auto.

Preferred: MK14 EBR.

Attachments wanted: Strap, Grip-Pod, 8x zoom optic, holographic sight, Aiming Laser

SMG: MP7, MP5K, P90, or Vector preferred (No particular order of preference)

Attachments: Strap, Foregrip, Holographic Sight, Aiming Laser, STROBE FLASHLIGHT**

Assault Rifles: FN FAL, C8, ACR, SCAR-H, SCAR-L, G36C (Compact, with stock), TAR-21 (Preferred order)

Attachments: Strap, Foregrip, Holographic Sight, Aiming Laser, Strobe Flashlight

Pistols: Mark 23, USP-45, Browning HP/M1911

Knife ideas are good too, as well as what I should use for a knife. Are there any fake knives that you guys know of that come with sheaths? I was going to use lipstick jammed in to mark the blade, that way if I "cut" or slit someone's throat, it adds realism to the act.



Molle Bag



Ghillie Suit

The methods that I play by are light supportive fire, covering fire for one unit only if needed. Quiet, stealthy. I enjoy close engagements, and sneaking around. I'm looking for equipment that can help with this, as well as some guns that could be awesome as well.

Overall estimations for the kits you're thinking would be nice.

Also, if there are magazines available for them, 2-4 for each, as well as reloaders.


The reason I want strobe lights is they work to disorient, instead of simply providing light, and blowing cover. If you're going into a close quarters situation, and it's dark, the strobe is perfect to blind your enemies, and have a bit of an upper hand, especially if you move smart.

If you know of any helmets that have areas to affix, and strobes for that, I would actually rather run the strobe on my helmet than on each gun.
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