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This is a known fact to YRP for many years since AMC first set up shop in Pmall and later on at first markham, YRP tried to harrased us (Hot Shot/6mm) but they can't say shit to us because we have a ledger that have all the info on all the buyers proofing that they are over 18yrs (ledger was destroyed after businees was closed) YRP are not the pricks here, countless time they have extended their hand to the major retailer in Pmall years ago to police their own in regards to sales to minors but yet every year they have issues with minor getting arrested for stupid shit claiming that their guns are bought at Pmall so if there was one to fault it would be the retailers themselves are to blame not city of Markham or YRP. Airsoft guns are a minor bleep in police radar, they have bigger fish to be caught and fried. if banning airsoft shop in Markham will help curb the stupid non essential gun calls than by all means they'll do it. I don't know how many times some older members here have said to noobs in the past to be smart and use common sense but it's either laughed at or completely ignored. I still don't understand teh facination of pushing the limits of patience and tolerance from the authority, owning an airsoft gun is much like owning a real thing its a PRIVILEDGE NOT A RIGHT.
Very well said Wildcard.
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